dubAI TRavel & vacation

The stunning beaches, safe destinations, wealthy city hotels and excellent beachside resorts, shopping malls of global standards make Dubai vacation a memorable matter. Dubai varies from other tourist places because of its exclusivity in geography and edifying inheritance with highest standard of living and mega contemporary infrastructure. No matter what your age is, Dubai vacation has something for you.

The perfect time to plan your Dubai vacation is on winter months from november to march. During this time, the weather is the best to get around. In january, Dubai hosts shopping festival that is an added attraction for vacations in Dubai

A destination of merchants, with cultural crossroads, Dubai is second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one city that can leave you mesmerized. If you are among those who have a taste for art and style, you can really visit some of the best art galleries on your Dubai vacations. There are a large number of art galleries in Dubai that have exclusive collections of artifacts for you.

Dubai vacation is an exhilarating holiday prospect that presents limitless occasions for relaxation and leisure, verdant green Family Park holiday opportunity, an audacious day in the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, or a gathering at one of the many fitness spas. There are number of hotels that have beaches along the Arabian Gulf.

Luxurious DubaiThere is a signature building in almost every city. Who can forget to see The Big Ben in London or Pyramids when in Egypt? Dubai is no exception. When you are on your Dubai vacation, don’t forget to Burj Al Arab, which is currently the tallest hotel in the world.

On your Dubai vacation, go also for “desert safari.” It is an exclusive experience. You will enjoy a new experience that is filled with a 4WD ride over the thrilling sand dunes. There are other attractions like henna designers, belly dancers and falconers that make your day a memorable one. You can have a mouth watering barbeque dinner along with all the above on your Dubai Vacation. Taking an aerial tour of the city is an experience of the lifetime. If you new to this amazing destination, check out Dubai Explorer, your local expert for more information, guides and travel tips.

Dubai has the exclusive feature of being the lone golfing centre in the world that holds chief global tournaments on both the European and Asian PGA arenas. On your Dubai vacation, you can select from a variety of clubs and courses, each one of contest offering a different type of challenge.

If you are planning a Dubai vacation, you should apply for Visa before hand. If you are a citizen of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf GCC or a citizen of Australia and New Zealand, you can get an entry permit stamped in their passport for a Dubai vacation of 90 days on influx into the city. The department of tourism in Dubai has made great efforts to make your Dubai vacation a memory of lifetime.